Appeared online and in print for the Globe and Mail, Oct. 22, 2012

High-school students face big life choices on their way to the coveted cap and gown ceremony, but even after the diplomas are doled out and the hats are thrown, graduates still have major decisions to make. Aside from selecting where they go to school and what program they enrol in, they will eventually need to decide between the private sector and public service when they enter the job market.

Canada’s public service includes all organizations controlled by the government – that’s a diverse work force of more than 3.6-million employees.

Despite recent budget cuts, the public sector still offers numerous opportunities with high entry-level salaries, a professional work environment and the potential for job growth. In fact, in a recent survey of 3,500 Canadian business students by Universum, the federal government was ranked as the third most desirable employer after Apple and Google. Also among the top 20 were other public-sector organizations including the Canada Revenue Agency and provincial government.

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