I pitched and sold my first national news story after only one month of journalism school. I was fresh out of my Arts and Science undergraduate degree, new to Toronto Metropolitan University’s rigorous Masters of Journalism program, and driven to make the most of it. During an interview for a class assignment, the host of the Punjabi-language Hockey Night in Canada broadcast mentioned that his show had been quietly cancelled and I immediately knew that I had a scoop. I broke the news on J-Source and sold an edited copy to The Province, which went national on the Postmedia wire within hours. I haven’t slowed down since.

My name is Ishani and I’m a journalist, editor, and storyteller who has worked with Canada’s leading media outlets. I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, though that’s never stopped Uber drivers from asking her where I’m *actually* from. I’ve worked on staff at Allergic Living magazine and FLARE, where I rose to the position of senior editor and was nominated for the Digital Publishing Award’s Emerging Excellence Award. My bylines has appeared in Chatelaine, CBC, Best Health, FLAREMaclean’s, HuffPost, The Globe and Mail and more. I have also appeared as a regular panelist on CBC’s The National and columnist on CBC Radio. As the managing editor of Best Health magazine, I managed a network of staff and freelance reporters to produce compelling coverage of timely health issues and breakthrough research. I am currently an editor and reporter at The Juggernaut, where I help shape the brand’s social media, write features, news stories, and Q&As, and edit multiple stories each week.

Getting to cover everything from the latest must-see movie to the cultural significance of Indian jewelry for second gen kids is the reason why I loves my job — even on Mondays.

Click around to learn more and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Ishani,
    Your article in
    Huffpost on Hugging during the Pandemic was very moving.
    I can really relate. I’m a big hugger.
    Also, (something that’s particularly troubling) prior to the Virus I worked from home. Now,
    due to the Virus
    my whole industry shut down.
    In my case, so much for working from home.
    What you wrote
    truly resonated
    with me.

    Huffpost always
    has great writers.
    Mostly I read the US version.
    I live in New York. Sometimes
    I check out
    Huffpost in other countries.
    That’s how I’d
    found your article. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

    Thank you,
    Glenn Turner

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