Coverage of Masalamommas’ Tweetup event at Bite Bar, completed using original reporting and Storify.

Appeared online for Masalamommas, March 7, 2013

Usually it’s considered rude to be on your phone during a networking event, but at Masalamommas’ latest Tweetup event, tweeting was not only common, it was encouraged.

A tweetup is a real-life event that is organized through Twitter, or in this case, through Masalamommas.

This tweetup was the first one with a celebrity guest, creator of the Masala Bhangra Workout and fitness personality, Sarina Jain, who came from New York City to be part of the VIP hour with masalamommas’ readers.

Thursday evening’s tweetup catered to sweet and savory palates serving up appetizers from Indian Rice Factory and hosted by Toronto’s newest sweet spot, Bite Bar. The downtown dessert bar was white and black and pink all over as founder Nisha Amin dished out her creative twist on the traditional cupcake.

“People just don’t eat full cupcakes anymore”, says Amin, so she decided to think big and bake small making bite-size cupcakes in flavours ranging from peanut butter and jelly to cookies and cream. After mixing her unique concept with an extensive line of specialty dessert teas, such as lychee or pear caramel, Bite Bar was born.

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