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Zoe was sexually assaulted the first time she went to a nightclub, but she didn’t realize it until nearly a decade later. (We’ve changed her name at her request.)

Now in her mid 20s, Zoe recalls the night she was celebrating her graduation from high school at a club in Montreal. As she danced with her friends, a man began grinding up against her. He didn’t ask if she wanted to dance, but she went with it. They swayed together to the music for a bit, and soon his hands were on her waist. They slid down her hips, then underneath her dress, until suddenly his fingers were inside of her. She pushed his arm away, thinking maybe he misread her signals. But then he touched her again. She quickly spun around, putting as much distance as she could between herself and the man. The dance floor was tightly packed, but she managed to turn her body toward her circle of friends so she could feel more protected. The man disappeared into the crowd, and Zoe never saw him again.

“After it happened, I told my friends and we all were grossed out. We’d never been in a situation like that before,” she says, remembering back to that night, her hands shaking. “It was my first time at a club so I just dismissed it as a disgusting guy doing things that sometimes happen when you’re partying.”…

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