Written for FLARE‘s 9-5 series.

Did you know early on that you wanted to work in this field? I actually had no idea about interior design; it was never “a thing” when I was in high school.

So what made you want to get into this industry? I had a visual arts background and interior design brought together all the things that I felt I was good at. For me, it’s taking those visual arts skills and transferring them to space. We’re dealing with the same kind of rules and things like repetition, colour, scale, and form. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to be challenged because it’s actually quite technical—much more technical than people realize.

What else do people not realize about this job? There’s a huge misconception about the difference between interior designers and interior decorators. Interior decorators usually focus more on surface items like wallpaper, window coverings, pillows and artwork. That’s certainly a facet of my job, but an interior designer is essentially formatting an interior. To do that successfully, you need to have the capacity to take a client’s vision and communicate that into space.

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