Op-ed written for FLARE.

Sure, actress Amber Heard is a total babe, but now, apparently, science has “proven” that she has the most beautiful face in the world.

British cosmetic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva used the Golden Ratio of 1.618—an ancient Greek measure of physical perfection—to map out the ideal placement and proportion of facial features, and then rank which stars look best. Heard matched the mathematical face mask the closest, with Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss a very close second and third. Emily Ratajkowski (fourth) got the top spot for lips, Kate Moss scored for best forehead, and Rihanna (not in the overall top 10) ranked highest for face shape, according to the researcher.

While this study claims to calculate the ideal “beauty standard,” it actually equals a whole lot of BS. The study uses geometry and science to measure women’s faces, but the true results are social, not scientific.

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