This online travel blog was the final instalment of a series I wrote for ANOKHI magazine about non-resident Indians returning to India for vacation, highlighting tourist attractions and local culture. I also produced majority of the photos included in the series.

Published online for ANOKHI Media, Feb. 11, 2014

Like New York, London or Los Angeles, the sky-scraping high rises, the rush of cabs and hum of crowds in this city by the sea create a palpable energy. It’s a buzz of possibilities.

Jutting out into the Arabian Sea, the capital city of Maharashtra is a booming metropolis, drawing residents in from all over India and the world. Mumbai is one of India’s most populated cities with more than 19.7 million residents, making it the 7th most populated city in the world according to U.S.’s Population Reference Bureau.

The British influence in Mumbai is evident everywhere from the famed Chhatrapti Shivaji railway station, modeled after London’s St. Pancras station, to the organized queue of travelers waiting for yellow-roofed, English-style taxis. These English relics sit amidst lush trees and vines, making this concrete jungle feel more tropical than industrial.

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