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While Kermit may argue that it’s not easy being green, in Canada’s environmental sector, it’s easier than you may think.

If you love the environment and want to turn that passion into a job, then Canada’s green jobs may be the place for you to start cultivating career.

In the environmental sector, you’ll not only be able to get down and dirty with nature, you’ll also get to work with people who share your interest in saving the planet. Studies reveal that 87% of Canada’s environmental employees state that “a desire to improve the environment” is a key factor in their career decision.

The environmental field is growing and with 100,000 employees reaching retirement age in the next decade, there are numerous opportunities opening up for students and new grads. According to ECO Canada, 44% of environmental employers plan to hire new workers in the next two years either to augment their workforce or replace employees who leave.

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