About Me

I pitched and sold my first national news story after only one month of journalism school. I was fresh out of my Arts and Science undergraduate degree, new to Ryerson’s rigorous Masters of Journalism program, and driven to make the most of it. During an interview for a class assignment, the host of the Punjabi-language Hockey Night in Canada broadcast mentioned that his show had been quietly cancelled and I immediately knew that I had a scoop. I broke the news on J-Source.ca and sold an edited copy to The Province, which went national on the Postmedia wire within hours.

My name is Ishani Nath and I am the driven, innovative and passionate storyteller you’ve been looking for.

Ishani Nath

Photo credit: Will Van Engen

I am a proud McMaster alumna and a graduate of the Master of Journalism program at Ryerson University. I see the world as a compilation of stories, each one waiting to be told. I want to help share these stories in new, engaging and unexpected ways through a career in  journalism, content marketing, and/or social media.

Intrigued? Enthralled? Click around to learn more and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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