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Trinidad-born, Mississauga-raised Shivani Persad—a model, blogger and activist—gets honest about the modelling industry’s diversity issues and why the All Woman Project is so necessary.

Cellulite and stretch marks are about as welcome at a photo shoot as deep dish pizza but two body-positive models were determined to celebrate the female form in all of its un-Photoshopped glory.

Clémentine Desseaux and Charli Howard are the creators of the All Woman Project, a film and editorial campaign that showcases subjects of all shapes, sizes and colours.

“This project started because we both genuinely believe that huge brands can be more diverse in their choice of models and body shapes,” says Howard, a size-2 model who was once fired from a modelling agency for being “out of shape.”

“Rather than Photoshopping our bodies and our ‘flaws’, we’ve chosen to highlight and embrace them,” says Desseaux. “This campaign is designed to unify women around the globe, proving that we are all woman, regardless of how society and the media often makes us feel.”

In addition to Desseaux and Howard, other campaign stars include gender fluid model Elliott Sailors, girl boss advocate and singer Leaf, the star of F in FabulousKamie Crawford and the lone Canadian—model, blogger and diversity activist Shivani Persad. The Trinidad-born Mississauga-raised beauty gave us the inside scoop on how the viral #IAmAllWoman campaign is shaking up the industry’s beauty ideals.

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