Written for FLARE‘s 9-5 series. Also live Snapchatted from the set of the photoshoot.

What drew you into the world of competitive mountain biking? I have two older brothers who took an interest in it when they were teenagers and my parents were super on board. They bought a motorhome and we would drive across Canada and the U.S. and make an eight-week trip of it. It became a family affair; Mum made the reservations and took care of the logistics, Dad was the mechanic, I was the feeder during the race, we all had our roles. I started racing myself when I was 11.

Is that considered young to be racing down a mountain? Biking is actually ageless. Toddlers who are barely able to stand are learning to bike and adults that are really wanting to get active, but need a low impact sport, are getting into it as well.

What made you turn pro? Going outside of your comfort zone is what it’s all about. As soon as I gained some skill and some technical ability, I just kept challenging myself and going for bigger rocks. It’s so fun for me that it’s hard to call it work. I just feel like I get to be along for the ride.

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