Written for FLARE‘s 9-5 series.

Why proposals?

I love love. I didn’t even get into it because of events. I don’t even consider myself an event planner—it’s the love that does it for me.

So what exactly does a proposal planner do?

It’s kind of the same thing as having a wedding planner or a personal assistant. It doesn’t mean that the men can’t do it themselves, it’s that they really want to do a great job. It’s really about filling in the details, like making sure there’s a backup plan and making sure that the girl doesn’t find out, so it can be perfect for her. [As of yet, Ortali hasn’t had any female clients.]

Why do you think guys need a bit of help planning the perfect proposal?

I think it’s natural. A lot of women have big expectations for the proposal and put pressure on their boyfriends, so the men get nervous. I’d say half of our referrals actually come from women giving our information to their partners.

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