Written for FLARE‘s 9-5 series.

What types of extreme weather do you cover? Everything from severe thunderstorms to tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, lake-effect snow, wildfires and natural disasters.

How did you get into storm chasing? I’ve always had a passion for weather and a colleague encouraged me to go down to tornado alley. My first year, I was exposed to one of the most devastating tornadoes in history and from that point on I was passionate about severe weather. I wanted to learn more about it, and how it operates, so I could give better warning time to people. I’ve chased ever since.

Most people want to be indoors during a storm, what makes you want to be out and part of it? It’s the power that these storms have. I’ve been in blizzards where I literally couldn’t see my chase partner who was 10 feet in front of me. One time we lost a windshield due to baseball-sized hail. When I look at model data and forecasts, I report things like 120km/h winds. It’s one thing to say it, but another thing to feel it.

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