Written for FLARE‘s 9-5 series.

What does a fertility consultant do? At Canadian Fertility Consulting, we help clients who want to become parents (we call them “intended parents”), whether that means participating in an egg donation or in a gestational surrogacy.

What factors do you consider during the matchmaking process? When we take on a surrogate in our program, we need to know what her values are because we don’t want her agreeing to work with a couple just because “they seem so great.” If the surrogate ends up carrying triplets or greater and the intended parents ask to terminate the pregnancy because it’s high risk, would the surrogate agree? If a baby has Down’s Syndrome in utero, would they agree to abort? What type of relationship do they want with the intended parents? We ask the intended parents the same questions. A year is a long time and we don’t want anyone to enter a relationship or legal agreement that they can’t honour, so a lot of our work goes into finding the right fit.

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