Written for FLARE‘s 9-5 series.

How did you find doing lifestyle versus reporting hard news? It’s been the biggest blessing because lifestyle is a world of happiness and fun. You don’t realize how draining news is until you get out. I was covering a lot of child abductions and homicides. I think lifestyle and hard news are equally impactful but in very different ways. When women tell me they’re going through chemotherapy and they’re watching CityLine everyday, and it makes them smile, that’s a big deal. Or, when mothers tell me they’re very isolated with their babies at home, but they’re watching our show that makes me feel good.

What stories are you most proud of? The cancer special we did last year. It looked at things like the psychological burden of cancer, the plight of the caregivers and survivor’s guilt. It delivered a service to so many people in terms of sharing information that isn’t always talked about when it comes to cancer.

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