Published as part of FLARE‘s 9-5 series.

What is your clientele like? Our clients range in age from 19 to 70. Because you need a prescription, they are either avid [medicinal] cannabis users, or people who have been sick for a while and are trying cannabis for the first time because they are seeking an alternative remedy.

What types of illnesses can medical cannabis help? Anything from insomnia to eating disorders to chronic pain or nausea from chemotherapy.

Do you recommend different products based on the person’s medical condition? Yes. People come in with varying ailments and backgrounds with cannabis, and we are able to provide them with different options. For example, a lot people are curious about a cannabis compound called Cannabidiol (CBD) because it doesn’t have hallucinogenic properties; it just affects your body. It gives you, for lack of a better term, a “body high.” So for those experiencing extreme pain or are going through cancer treatment, we’d recommend items that have a greater amount of CBD.

What is the most popular form of medical marijuana? For the skilled cannabis users, the actual flower is always the most popular. We try to carry a nice range—like 12 to 15 different strains—of sativa, hybrid, indica and if we can get our hands on it, a CBD strain. The older demographic typically goes for things like tinctures and liquefied items that can be put in your tea or food, taken in pill form or blended into topical treatments. These products look like any other medication. It’s not as if you’re going home and rolling a joint.

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