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What is one of the biggest challenges in your job? Part of being a lawyer is you have to work with and try and convince the people on the other side that you’re right. There are a lot of great prosecutors out there who are willing to take a second look at the cases, but there are a lot that aren’t, too. It’s frustrating when you’re dealing with somebody on the other side who will not open their mind. That’s a huge challenge of the job, not only dealing with those situations when they arise, but remembering that that’s going to happen and that’s part of the deal.

As viewers saw in Making a Murderer, trying to prove someone’s innocence can be frustrating. How do you stay motivated?  Talking to your clients. Anytime I feel frustrated, I think “this is nothing because at 5 p.m., I get to go home to my family and I get to do all those things that people are denied in prison.” There’s nothing better to keep you going than remembering there’s someone suffering who shouldn’t be.

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