Appeared online and in print for Allergic Living magazine, June, 2015.

Multiple medical organizations from around the world have come together to create new interim guidelines for infant peanut consumption following a landmark study that showed early, rather than delayed introduction of peanuts can protect against the development of allergy.

The British LEAP (Learning Early About Peanut Allergy) study, published earlier this year in The New England Journal of Medicine, found that feeding peanut to young infants with heightened allergy risk – as defined as having egg allergy, eczema or both – reduces the odds that a peanut allergy will develop by a remarkable 70 to 80 percent.

“This consensus communication addresses the need for interim guidance to help physicians integrate the LEAP study findings to other similar high-risk children while food allergy guidelines undergo updates,” said AAAAI president Dr. Robert Lemanske Jr.

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